Monday, September 25, 2017

Fun with Flowers | Deals for the Week

Hello, friends!

We don't tend to see many flowers in autumn...although the tree's leaves often make up for that fact with their own variety of colors: red, gold, and burnt orange. Still, even though we've officially entered fall, I'm dedicating this week to all things flowers and spring. :)

I'm really excited to share a quick (and hopefully fun!) book tag with you all tomorrow! But first, I wanted to kick off the week by sharing some book deals. If you haven't read The Heart's Spring series, or if you wanted to gift any of the ebooks to someone else, here are some exclusive Amazon-only deals:

Bellflower + Fairy Slippers (Short Stories)

Forget Me Not (Book 1)

Bleeding Heart (Book 2)

These deals will last through Friday, September 29, 2017. See you tomorrow for some fun with books and flowers!

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