Monday, February 16, 2015

15 Years Later... From a Certificate to an Audiobook

Hello, reader friends! How have you been since...*checks last blog post date*, November? Thank goodness I get to chat with most of you over at Seasons of Humility and on my social media pages! Otherwise, you'd think I'd have fallen off the face of the earth - or perhaps out of the sky. (Lame How a Star Falls joke, I know.)

Today I just wanted to share with you a photo that my parents sent me. It was taken nearly 15 years ago, on my 9th birthday.

For those of you have read How a Star Falls, you might recognize the reference from my Acknowledgements page. :) This is me when I received as a gift an International Star Registry certificate notifying me that a star in Orion's Belt had been named after me. Pretty cool, huh? And so fun to look back and see the beginning of one element of inspiration for my novella!

It was also especially neat to see this picture on the weekend that I approved the files for the How a Star Falls audiobook! Patrick (the narrator) has been so great about conveying Derrick's voice and taking into account my editing suggestions over the past week. We're just about set for launch now!

Assuming the files pass ACX inspection, the audiobook could be available in anywhere between 5-10 business days. Here's hoping we can release the audiobook before March! I'm so excited to share this and to chat a bit more about hearing a story come to life in a new way. :)

Question for You: If you could choose any constellation in which to have a star named after you, which would you choose?