Monday, March 30, 2015

Her Paul Bunyan - Sneak Peek at Where Trains Collide

Paul’s voice had turned a smidge deeper than she remembered, but it still had the ability to soothe her and bring her home. 

Her Paul Bunyan of the redwoods. 

In her happy memories, he wore his red “lumberjack” shirt, dark jeans, and hiking boots. Despite everything, it always made her breathe out a little laugh to think of him at the Trees of Mystery, standing on the boot of Paul Bunyan’s statue with his fists on his hips, trying to hold a straight face but failing miserably.

Unedited snippet from Where Trains Collide | Photo taken at the Trees of Mystery

* * * 

Getting closer to "The End," friends. It feels a bit like wandering in the woods, but we'll get there, right? :)

Still have to incorporate my critique partner's feedback and have my proofreader read through the manuscript, so it's going to be a race down the track to get this next new-adult contemporary romance novella out by the end of April! But I'm not giving up hope yet. Prayers for guidance with this story would be much appreciated! More updates to come...