Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How a Star Falls Now Available for Pre-order!

When Lena Goldfinch emailed me while I was on a mini family vacation a while back, sharing the news that Amazon was allowing indie authors to make their books available for pre-order, I was so excited. And I'm thrilled to announce that I'm trying out this new pre-order option for the very first time with How a Star Falls!


And yes, that means that I did finish a first draft. ;) A completed draft is required to begin the pre-order process, in order to minimize the number of unfulfilled commitments, I believe. Let's just say that I'm glad I didn't have the pre-order option with Morning Glory! Hopefully, I'll be extra sure of my release date next time around. *sheepish grin*

Anyway, Derrick and Brielle's story is now in the capable hands of my proofreader, Rachelle Rea, as well as a couple of awesome beta readers. I can't wait to share more, and I do so hope the story will resonate with you, friends!

I'll probably wait a bit longer before getting things fully in motion for tours/reviews/etc. - just to make sure my first readers don't hate the story or anything. But if you want to be in the loop for the promotion side of things, I'd love if you'd consider becoming a "Gem"! You can sign up for the Amber's Gems Street Team HERE.

More "star story" updates to come...