Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sally and the Lupines

Nope, I'm not referring to a new rock group by that post title. ;) I got to visit Bald Hills again this past weekend, and it brought to mind Bleeding Heart. The lupines are absolutely stunning this year, blooming in thick, lush patches, just as I'd imagined they would be for Sally, Myghal, and Joe. So I thought I'd share some pictures and a corresponding excerpt, to set the scene a little more and really show you what I envisioned...


As the sun began to set, they came upon Myghal’s surprise so suddenly that Sally almost ran into Joe before she noticed they had stopped. Peeking around his broad back, she gasped.


The gentle, green slopes were covered with purple flowers, all standing tall and bright in the last kiss of sunlight. They cascaded down the hill like a royal waterfall, swaying slightly in the evening breeze.

She let her pack and bedroll fall from her shoulders. “How beautiful!”

And it was – prettier than any of the flashy clothes Jacob had given her to attract men and more vibrant than anything she could remember seeing.

Without another thought, she started walking through the flowers. For a moment, she wished that no one else was there with her, just so she could run and dance through the carpet of color without anyone watching. 

Eventually, she knelt down beside one of the flowers and examined it. Little round petals climbed up the stem, purple and white, glorious and pure. She placed her finger on one of the petals, fitting her fingertip to the gentle touch of the bloom. Her daddy had always told her that God would never leave her and never let go of her hand. Closing her eyes, she imagined God reaching out to her through the sweet caress of a flower.

“They’re called lupines. Sure, an’ they’re a sight.”

Reluctantly opening her eyes, she found Myghal standing close by, gazing out on the hillsides. She shook off her fancies. Her daddy hadn’t known all the horrid things she’d do once she left home. He might have had other things to tell her about God’s view of her if he had.

She stood and brushed her fingers across Myghal’s sleeve. “This is a great surprise. It’s beautiful.”

He rolled his shoulder. “I thought ye might enjoy it.” She was awarded with a small grin before he added, with a hint of melancholy, “Makes me miss my Irish mother, and our home in Cornwall.”


When he didn’t respond, she whispered, “It makes me miss home, too.”


If you haven't yet read Bleeding Heart, it's available on Amazon in Kindle ($2.99) and paperback ($8.99) formats! Lena Goldfinch, my cover designer, has also worked on some updates for the paperback versions of Forget Me Not and Bleeding Heart - just little tweaks to really link them as part of a series (on the spine and back cover, mostly). This ebook cover has also been tweaked a bit to match the shading of the paperback. :) I'll keep you posted on when the updates are made official!

I'm thinking about trying matte this time for the paperbacks instead of the glossy, which would give them a softer feel and also make them a tad bit darker... Do you prefer the glossy or the matte? Inquiring minds want to know!