Saturday, April 25, 2015

Which Heart's Spring Heroine Are You?

Crazy4Fiction (Tyndale House Publishing) recently posted a quiz regarding their latest fiction heroines, and I guess that inspired me, as I found myself thinking today about what sorts of questions I might include in a quiz for my books. :) So I created a personality quiz for "The Heart's Spring" series. Thought it might be fun!

Find out which heroine you're most like...

(Possibilities: Annabelle from Bellflower, Elizabeth from Forget Me Not, Sally from Bleeding Heart, Margaret from Fairy Slippers, or Felicity from Morning Glory)

Disclaimer: This is just a for-fun sort of thing. If the description doesn't really fit you - or if it eerily matches you to a T - I hope you'll remember I'm not really a mind reader. :) Hehe.

I'd love to know which heroine you are and whether or not you agree with your result! Which heroine has resonated most with you from the "Heart's Spring" books you've read so far?


  1. I got Annabelle! :-D Are you sure you aren't a mind reader, Amber? Her description is pretty accurate... ;-)

    1. Sweet! And LOL. You never know... ;) But truthfully, there are bits of me in most if not all of my heroines, and I'm sure there are bits of each of them that fit with everyone who reads the books. The thing with personality quizzes is that if your description is general/universal enough, at least part of it will fit. :) But I hope it's still fun to see which heroine you might fit most closely with!


  2. I got Annabelle Greer... and I have to say, she sounds quite similar to me! :)

    Fun quiz!!

    1. Awesome! Despite the tragedy of their circumstances, Annabelle and Jacob are such dear characters to me. :) That's great that you thought the description fit well! The reader-part of Annabelle resonates with us all, am I right? ;)


  3. After chatting with a reader on Twitter, I realized it might be fun to break down the responses for you all here in the comments section, so you could see which answer corresponds with which heroine.

    If you don't want to know, fee free to ignore this comment! And I'd suggest not reading it until after you take the quiz, unless you don't mind being influenced/biased. ;)

    * * *

    Question 1: Which color combination most appeals to you?

    Lavender and yellow: Annabelle
    Blue and orange: Elizabeth
    Purple and white: Sally
    Green and pink: Margaret
    Red and gold: Felicity

    Question 2: What do you long for most at this time?

    To be valued: Annabelle
    To belong: Elizabeth
    To be healed: Sally
    To be noticed: Margaret
    To be free: Felicity

    Question 3: What do you look for most in a man?

    Protectiveness: Annabelle
    Friendship: Elizabeth
    Understanding: Sally
    Generosity: Margaret
    Depth: Felicity

    Question 4: What is your biggest heartbreak?

    I was betrayed by my family: Annabelle
    I was separated from someone I love: Elizabeth
    I was abandoned: Sally
    I've been taunted and teased: Margaret
    I hurt someone I love: Felicity

    Question 5: Which activity would you most enjoy?

    Reading: Annabelle
    Horseback riding: Elizabeth
    Dancing: Sally
    Taking a walk in the woods: Margaret
    Writing poetry: Felicity

    * * *

    If you want to know why a particular response corresponds with a certain heroine, feel free to ask! :)

    Thanks for taking the quiz!


  4. I got Annabelle and her description is actually pretty accurate for me! That was fun. Thanks, Amber! :)

    1. Well, Annabelle seems to be the popular match! So glad you had fun taking the quiz, friend. :)


  5. I got Annabelle and much of the description fit me. Though everything even as a child I found an escape in reading.

    1. Reading is such a great pastime and comfort, for sure. That's great that you felt Annabelle's description fit! Thanks so much for taking the quiz. :)