Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Meet the Characters of Morning Glory

I'm getting to know the main characters of Morning Glory as I write, and I'm excited to explore their stories - their history and hopes and heartbreak. Here's a quick introduction to the handful of main characters (so far)...

Myghal Tamblyn
 (Photo of Stefano Masciolini; pinned from "For Redheads" on Tumbler)

Most of you already know Myghal - he was a prominent secondary character in both Forget Me Not and Bleeding Heart. He's Cornish, with a bit of an Irish accent picked up from his mother. (His accent is a little mixed-up from his heritage and all his wanderings...) My understanding is that the name should technically be pronounced Ma-hail. To me, he's Mee-gall, so that's what everyone else in the books think of him as. You know Americans - we butcher everything. ;) He's 34 years old at the start of Morning Glory.

Felicity Lute
(Photo of Astrid Berges-Frisbey; found on Pinterest - according to this pin, it was an edited pic...still, I like it for Felicity!)

(Photo titled "She's running and she can't stop II" by Snowfall-lullaby on Deviantart)

Felicity is the middle sister in the Lute family - 25 years old at the start of the story. She has blue eyes, and her hair is the darkest of the three sisters (yes, it's a family of redheads!), with auburn curls. She's a little flirtatious, and she's also a night owl and a poet. There's a rift between her and her older sister...

Glory Lute
(Photo by Aiste Tiriute; included in this post about her photography and titled "and in the dark, she glowed" on Flickr - you can also see more on the photographer's Flickr page and website)

Glory is the youngest in the family - 20 years old at the start of the story. Her hair is the brightest/most vivid. She's quiet, longs for touch (cuddling and the like), and has a tragic past.

Helen Lute
(Photo found on Pinterest, apparently from a Tumbler page...not sure who the model or photographer are.)

Helen is the eldest at 26. She's also quiet like Glory, but for a different reason. She's more severe, aloof, and bitter, at odds with Felicity.


The sisters' parents are Sean and Ava Lute. And there will be other characters, of course! This photo from the Native American Encyclopedia Pinterest page offers a hint at some future scenes I'm currently pondering...

Remember that you can see more of my visual brainstorming on Pinterest (no guarantee that all those pics represent elements of the story, as I haven't finished writing it yet!). And you can now find the book's "soundtrack" (or the early version of it, anyway - it might be tweaked as I write) on the Morning Glory site.

Which of these characters interests you the most? Do you like learning more about Morning Glory as I write, or would you prefer to wait until closer to the release date?


  1. Felicity Lute interests me the most. I think we need more redheaded heroines and heroes in stories. I like getting little hints about Morning Glory because it helps build the suspense.

    1. I think Felicity is going to turn out to be an intriguing character. :) I hope you'll enjoy meeting her! And goodness, there are redheads galore in this book so far - so you're in luck! LOL

      I'm so glad you enjoy learning more about the story and the suspense of anticipation. :) Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts!


  2. Oh, this was fun! I too want to hear how it is going as you write the story! Loved the visuals of the characters and very intrigued to read about them. And a face for Myghal...NICE!

    1. Yay, so glad you liked the post & update! :) It's helpful to me, too, to share about the characters and thus get a better idea of them myself. Can't wait to introduce you to them in the story!

      And ah, yes, Myghal. ;) I hope to share another face for him at some point this summer... But I like this guy with his hair and eyes and smile. :)


  3. What fun. Now I know where I can visit while reading Morning Glory should I need to be reminded who everyone is. Great presentation, Amber. :)

    1. Aww, I hope the visuals will be fun and helpful! :) Thanks so much for hopping over to "meet" the characters!