Monday, July 21, 2014

A Winner and a Loser (Or an Honest Look at My Writing Progress)

Let's start with the happy news! I owed you all a post sometime last week announcing the "Name a Character" contest winner... I do apologize for the delay. Life has a silly way of distracting people - well, not to mention the books. ;)

Anyway, I entered the names into the List Randomizer on, and the winner is Carissa! She chose this name:


Lovely, is it not? And it will continue the flower theme in some small part, even in this non-flowery story. (Nice choice, Carissa!) Since I haven't given my full attention to How a Star Falls yet (but I'm really wanting to!), I haven't decided how I shall incorporate the name...but it will find its way into the book somehow. :)

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback on the new Seasons of a Story Publishing site and submitted character names! It's quite a fun list to draw from, so perhaps I might be asking to use some more of those names at some point.

And now for Morning Glory...

I've got to be honest: I'm not as far as I hoped to be by this point. I think part of me is distracted by all these other story possibilities - their shiny, shimmery splendidness I keep glimpsing out of the corner of my eye. I really can't wait to give more attention to each of these story seeds that keep promising me they'll bloom into beautiful things.

Another part of me is distracted by my new job and schedule. I'm certainly not complaining, though! One, this night owl is now learning how to actually get up at a decent hour in the morning. ;) Two, this is really my dream job, and I couldn't be happier with my position and the place I'm working.

Plus, if I'm honest, I probably could have been writing more the last week or two...but when I get home from work, a lot of times I just want to read! It's not my fault that these books are so darn engaging, is it? And then there's dinner and dishes and other "housekeeping" things, you know!

I guess I just feel sort of stuck. My passion for the story feels like an ember instead of a flame, and I wonder if I just need to push through it or if I need to accept it for now. But then I think of the commitment I made to all of you about publishing it this summer, and I don't feel right just giving up quite yet. My sweet friend and cover designer gave me some great brainstorming ideas, and I think the one thing I really need to do is just give myself time to sit down and think. Maybe do the research I keep putting off. Let myself get absorbed into the heart of the story again. I really do love these characters. I mean, how can I not love Myghal, really?? LOL. And each of the three sisters has a piece of my heart. In fact, one of them has asserted herself, not content to just be pushed to the side...

Anyway, I just wanted to be up-front with you, my dear friends and readers. Also, I would sure appreciate any prayers that the Lord's will be done with this and any story I write!

Tell me: What do you do to re-ignite your passion for a story when you're stuck in the middle of it? What is it about Morning Glory that you're looking forward to...or are you more excited about my upcoming experiments with new genres? ;)


  1. I'll be praying for you Amber! I actually plan to read your series soon so when Morning Glory comes out I'll be ready! :) I'm not a writer so I can't give any advice, but I know you got this! :)

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers - and for wanting to read the series! *Hugs* I hope you enjoy Forget Me Not and Bleeding Heart. :) Curious - are you going to read them in chronological order, or in the order they were released? I find it interesting seeing how people go about it, LOL.

      Thank you, also, for the encouragement! You know, I finally just took a few minutes while eating breakfast this morning to research a bit more...and I think it helped stir some creative juices and remind me why I decided to go this route in the plot. I hope you all will like it!


  2. Praying for you. I find that when I am stuck in the middle I step back from the story, and give myself a break to give my brain a break. After a few days I start brain storming. The part of Morning Glory that I am most looking forward to is reading more about Myghal,

    1. Carissa! Congrats on being the winner, and thanks so much for contributing a name to the contest. I look forward to incorporating "Rose" somehow. :)

      And thank you for those prayers and tips! I guess the part I feel bad about is that I've been stepping back way too much and not really trying hard enough...or at least it feels that way! But maybe what I've been needing is just some time to really dwell on the story and do some research - to stop freaking out and then procrastinating. Just gotta remind myself why I'm excited about the story. :)

      So glad you're looking forward to catching up with Myghal! He has his hands full in this book... ;)