Friday, February 21, 2014

Bellflower Sprouted Up on Smashwords!

Did you miss the free Bellflower offer for newsletter subscribers? No need to fret - the short story prequel to Forget Me Not is now available on Smashwords!

I decided to look into that option today, and found it rather easy to create a profile on Smashwords and get this short story up there. I really like this option because A) readers can download the story in whatever format they like, including .epub, .mobi, PDF, and more; B) this makes it really easy for readers to find the story without having to e-mail me; C) there's another place for readers to leave reviews besides Goodreads; D) new readers can discover me; and E) it's separate from my Amazon page. That last one is nice because I know short stories can get lower ratings due to their length (or lack thereof), and I also know Bellflower has a chance of getting lower ratings from people who know me as an inspirational author. Not that Bellflower has inappropriate content, but the nature of the story (the fact that it's set in a brothel and it's not overtly inspirational) might not make it as appealing to my target audience.

So now you know why I'm trying out Smashwords. If you're looking for a short read, a chance to learn more about the characters from Forget Me Not and Bleeding Heart, and/or if you enjoy Western romance and sweet fairy-tale retellings, I hope you'll give Bellflower a try! You can download your free copy HERE.

If you've already read Bellflower, might you consider leaving a review there? That would be a tremendous help! And what are your thoughts on Smashwords? Do you use it as an author or visit there as a reader?


  1. I've read Bellflower and enjoyed it. I'll get a review up as soon as I get a free moment. Bellflower was different but I've read a few books by Christian authors that started off in the same setting. Or had a heroine that came from that background. Off hand the only title I can remember is Ruby by Laurine Snelling.

    1. Thank you, Carissa - I really appreciate that! :)

      Yes, Bellflower is rather different, and it's one reason I was hesitant to offer it on Amazon, as I'm not sure it gives the best taste for the series as a whole. The situation presented in the story isn't really suited to "inspirational fiction"...but I was really happy with how it all came together and the glimpse it gives into the back story of characters from the rest of the series. I guess that's the thing - just sharing these characters' stories in various stages and hoping readers will follow their full journeys. :)