Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Which Comes First?

Nope, I'm not addressing the age-old question about the chicken or the egg. ;) One of my newsletter subscribers asked me whether she should read Bellflower or Forget Me Not first - and since it was such a good question (and others might be wondering the same thing), I thought I'd address it here!

There are two paths before you... Both have their benefits and their disadvantages. Choose wisely. ;)

Reading Bellflower first: Bellflower is indeed the prequel to Forget Me Not, so if you're a stickler for reading books in chronological order (not that I gave you much choice with Bleeding Heart and Forget Me Not, but that's beside the point!), then start with Bellflower. However, please note that learning about these two secondary characters from Forget Me Not (who star in Bellflower) will reveal a plot twist in Forget Me Not. You might have already picked up on it if you've read Bleeding Heart, though, and I think/hope it's enjoyable to put all the puzzle pieces together no matter which piece you start with.

Reading Forget Me Not first: I wrote Forget Me Not before Bellflower, so I only discovered some of the back story, myself, after the fact. One of the benefits of reading Forget Me Not first is that you're already familiar with the main characters, and the story of how they met (as told in Bellflower) will hopefully be even more meaningful to you because of that.

I do believe that Bellflower will be most enjoyed by fans of the series - those who care about the characters and are used to my writing style and story material. Hence the reason I'm offering it to newsletter subscribers first. :) But it is my fervent hope that no matter what order you read the series in, the act of peeling back the layers of the characters' stories will touch your heart and bless you in some way.

Stay tuned for a post on the connections between Bellflower and Beauty & the Beast!

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